How to Make Your New Pet Feel Welcome In Your Home

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How to Make Your New Pet Feel Welcome In Your Home
If you’re adding a furry friend to your household, you’re in luck. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that owning pets can reduce blood pressure, decrease feelings of loneliness, and even promote better mental health. Your pet will be a great companion. Here’s what you can do to find the right one for you and properly introduce them to your home.

Get a Thorough Background on Your Pet
Research the kinds of pets you’re interested in. If you’re adopting from a breeder, you’ll have a better idea of their parentage and breed. If you’re visiting a shelter, ask them questions about the animal’s background and behavior. Some people even try genetic testing for their dogs to learn more about their breed and possible susceptibility to some illnesses. This can help you know what pet will work best for you and your family.


Buy Necessary Pet Supplies
After choosing your pet, prepare the house by purchasing pet supplies. This can include a litter box if you have a cat, a bed, and some toys. If you want to take your pet out for a walk, knowing the different types of leashes can help you find one that works with your pet’s behavior.


Introduce Them One Room at a Time
When you bring a pet home, put them in one room and allow them to become comfortable with their surroundings. Don’t force your pet to interact with other members of the family, as this could overwhelm your new companion. Let them become curious and discover the house on their own. This is useful for shelter pets, as they might be nervous around a new home.


House-Train Your Pet
No matter what situation your pet may be coming from, it’s important to employ some house training. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool for pet training, and it can help you develop a strong bond with your pet.


Stay Clean
Most pets will require you to clean up after the messes they make, including fur, dander, and stains. In order to keep your house clean, you’ll want to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner that can pick up everything your furry friend leaves behind.


Establish a Solid Routine
A good routine can improve the mental wellbeing of your pet and help them adjust to your home more easily. If you have a regular habit of going for walks, scheduling mealtimes, and playing with your pet, they will come to trust and appreciate you more. Our own habits can impact our pets, so ensure that you and your pet stick to a healthy routine.


Give Your Pet Things to Do While You’re Gone
If you have to be at your job all day, your pet will need some extra effort. Interesting research shows that some pets have the capacity to miss their owners when they’re gone. This is especially the case with dogs, as many breeds require extra socializing. Turning on the TV for your dog can help, but also give them challenging toys can also help them stay occupied.


Spend Time with Them
Pets can boost immune function and promote good health, so spend plenty of time together. Despite the stereotypes about cats, they are still social animals and will want be around you. Play games with your cat, whether it’s with a laser pointer or string. If you have a dog, take them out for regular walks. If you have a backyard, your dog will love to run around in it as well.

Pets can help us get more exercise, be more social, and even help boost our body’s natural response to allergens. Be patient with your pet, help them adjust to your home, and use positive reinforcement. Your pet can be one of your greatest companions, so make sure they feel all the love from you.

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