Our top priority at Bekkers Pet Care is making sure all of our boarders (cat or dog) are happy and healthy during their stay with us, and that they have fun along the way. We also realize that no matter how long the stay, owners want to check up on their pets. We are happy to provide any updates over email on how your pet is doing throughout their stay at Bekkers! Below are just a handful of the boarders we have come through the kennel, all enjoying their stays.

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Bambi, King, and Bailey

At Bekkers Pet Care, we require all of our canine boarders to have their Bordetella vaccine (along with Rabies and and Distemper). The Bordetella vaccine is given to prevent the highly contagious respiratory disease most commonly known as “kennel cough”. As the dogs at Bekkers are in close quarters and allowed to play with each other, it is incredibly important to prevent this disease from occurring and spreading!

The Bordetella vaccine (named for the bacteria that most commonly causes kennel cough) is not a core vaccine given by veterinarians, so if you plan on having your dog boarded, please make sure to book an appointment with your vet so your dog can receive the vaccine. Proof of vaccination can either be uploaded online when submitting a boarding request, or brought in hard copy to the Bekkers Pet Care office.

For those of you who want to learn more about kennel cough such as symptoms and treatment, please visit: Kennel Cough in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Most dog owners don’t like to spend time apart from their dog. But whether it’s for a vacation or a business trip, sometimes life intervenes and you need a reliable, trusted place to leave your dog behind. Ensuring you know what to look for in a dog boarding facility can give you the freedom to travel without worry. Here’s how to find the right Ottawa kennel for your dog.

Doing Your Research

  • First, you’ll probably want to check out the company’s reputation. Check on their website and make sure they have some positive feedback posted from past customers.
  • If you’ve found that the kennel seems to have a positive reputation online or through word-of-mouth, you’ll definitely want to book an in-person tour of the facility. Contact the kennel if they give full tours of the facility and if you need an appointment to visit the facility.
  • The best kennels will fill up quickly so start your research and plan your facility tour early.

Questions to Ask the Kennel

Once you’re at the kennel, there are some basic questions you’ll want to ask, and observations to take. These could include:

  • Making sure the place is clean and smells good.
  • Ensuring that the kennel has enough staff on to look after the dogs they have in their facility.
  • Checking to see if all the dogs have their own kennel and access to an outdoor run.
  • Ask how the place is heated and if the facility has air conditioning.
  • Check if all the dogs have fresh water and clean comfortable bedding.
  • Ask if the owner lives on site and what time are the dogs checked on last at night.

Medical Considerations

Of course, you’re hopeful that there will be no medical issues when your pet is away. So there are a few more questions you should ask to cover both prevention and treatment.

  • Vaccinations are very important so make sure the kennel you choose is strict on asking for proof of vaccinations.
  • Does the kennel administer medication? And if so, at what cost?
  • Lastly, ask if the kennel has a vet on site (or a vet that lives close by), in case your dog needs medical attention.

Ottawa Dog Boarding

A little bit of research goes a long way. If you’re happy with what you’ve seen and the responses you’ve gotten to all those questions, then go ahead and book the facility. Give your dog a great kennel experience and it will make your vacations worry-free.

Bekkers Pet Care offers dog boarding in Ottawa for all your kennel needs. Check out our packages or contact us to arrange a tour today!

Thanks for reading,
The Bekkers Pet Care Team