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Cat boarding in Ottawa shouldn’t worry you. Some cats can be temperamental creatures, and some don’t like being taken out of the environment that they’ve become accustomed to. But now and again, you probably have to travel, and luckily, most cats will be perfectly content at the kennel.

For all kitties, there are some things you can do to make sure they have the best kennel experience possible while away from home.

  1. Do your background research on the facility. Look for feedback on their website, and of course, any word-of-mouth from friends or family who have used a facility in the past.
  2. When you’ve found a facility that you think might be a good fit, book a tour, as early as you can (the best kennels fill up quickly, especially during prime holiday times.)
  3. When touring the facility, look for large, bright cat suites with lots of windows for the cats being looked after.
  4. Check to see if the cats have clean litter boxes and lots of fresh water and food.
  5. Make sure the cats aren’t boarded in the same section as the dogs.
  6. During your visit, keep medical issues in mind and ask the right questions: is the kennel strict on asking for proof of vaccinations? Does the kennel administer medications and at what cost? And does the kennel have a vet on site or a vet that lives close by in case your cat needs medical attention?
  7. Cats don’t require the same type of exercise as dogs, but most of them do like to do some stretching and moving around. Check on your kennel visit to see if the cats have access to an indoor play room that permits them to do so.
  8. Transporting your cat to the kennel facility can be tricky. It’s easiest to transport the kitty in a cat carrier (one per cat). This ensures that they don’t have a chance to jump out of your arms and hide when you’re dropping them off.
  9. Once you’ve dropped them off, relax and enjoy your trip. If you’ve carefully done your research and chosen a trusted facility like Bekkers Pet Care, your mind should be at ease!

Ottawa Cat Boarding Services

Are you headed out of town and need a trusted, reliable place to leave your cat behind? Check out our page on Ottawa Cat Boarding for more details of our services, or contact us to arrange a facility tour. Enjoy your trip!

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